Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors are a fantastic way to open your home to the outside world throughout the year, bringing the fresh air in and making outside access easy for all the family. The sliding capability of sliding doors removes the divide between your garden and your living room, essentially making outside inside, which is amazing for day to day family living and hosting.

Sliding Doors

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We offer single sliding doors, and multiple sliding doors to match the individual requirements for your home or project. Our Sliding doors can be manufactured from a choice of materials such as PvcU, Aluminium, Alu-Clad Timber or solid Timber to suit your requirements.

All of these different materials come with a range of different benefits: PvcU is a very economically viable material which allows you to achieve the incredible aesthetics that come with sliding doors, at lower prices. Aluminium sliding doors are arguably the best sliding doors on the market; the aluminium gives the doors a long life span as well as an incomparable slick look. Alu-clad sliding doors give you the best of both worlds allowing you to have a durable external face, with a soft and traditional internal finish. Solid timber allows for the benefits of modern sliding door technology, but with a traditional look.

All our Single Sliding Doors and Multiple Sliding Doors are produced to exceed police recommended specifications with multi point locking systems and advanced weather resistance seals assuring both thermal performance and security assurance.

We offer a selection of styles in both Classic and Contemporary ranges and a choice of colour or wood-grain finishes depending on the material you choose. Each Single or Multiple Sliding Door can be customised with handles and extras to ensure you have the finished impression you are looking for.

We can also offer Extra Large Sliding Doors which are a real alternative to Bi-Folding Doors, providing uninterrupted vision with easy glide opening. Please visit our show room to see just how impressive these doors can are. The sheer scale of these extra large doors gives them the "wow" factor that anyone looking to improve their home would desire.

Our Single and Multiple Sliding doors are easily operated and have spring and weight assisted motions to ensure ease of use by all family members. We have several examples of Sliding Doors in our Heswall Showroom, we encourage you to visit to try out the doors for yourself.