Oriel Windows

Embark on a journey of architectural innovation as we proudly unveil our latest product offering – the frameless Oriel windows. Merging the timeless charm of the classic Oriel bay window with the sleek aesthetics of contemporary box window design, these structural glass boxes redefine the possibilities of window elegance. Tailored for spaces craving an infusion of abundant natural light, our frameless Oriel windows stand as a captivating alternative to conventional bay windows.

Oriel Windows

Product Details

Revolutionizing Design: Unmatched Views and Versatility

Step into a realm where design knows no bounds. Our frameless Oriel windows offer unobstructed views and unprecedented versatility in both size and shape. Each window becomes a canvas, allowing you to craft a bespoke design that seamlessly integrates with your property's unique character. Whether you envision expansive floor-to-ceiling windows or unique geometric shapes, the possibilities are limitless.

Structural Ingenuity: Independent Roof Load Support

Experience the freedom to maximize room height according to your needs. Engineered with precision, our frameless Oriel windows boast independent support for their roof load. This means you can design your space with towering windows that not only captivate visually but also optimize the use of available space. The corner joints, requiring only structural silicone, contribute to a visually stunning and structurally sound end result.

Performance Excellence: Beyond Aesthetics

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond aesthetics to performance. High-specification glazing ensures exceptionally low U-values, contributing to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Additional coatings are available for enhanced functionality, providing a window that not only looks stunning but also delivers outstanding thermal performance.

Tailored to Perfection: Customization Options

Choose from a comprehensive range of specifications, including double and triple glazing, acoustic glass for noise reduction, painted borders for a touch of personalization, tinted glass for added privacy, and more. Every frameless Oriel window is made to order, offering complete flexibility in size and shape. Our dedication to customization even extends to crafted pitched roof Oriel windows, ensuring we meet the most unique and intricate design requirements.

In this new era of window design, elevate your living spaces with the frameless Oriel windows – where innovation meets elegance, and every view is a masterpiece. Experience the future of window aesthetics and functionality with our unparalleled offerings.

Our oriel windows are expertly installed by bonding the glass at the corners, achieving a near-seamless union. Any margin of error in structural glass installation could lead to unwanted water ingress, making the experience of working with seasoned professionals all the more essential.

Oriel Window Installation

Seasoned Professionals

Your Assurance for Precise Installations

Our installation team comprises time-served tradesmen, each with a wealth of industry experience. This expertise proves crucial, especially when it comes to installing structural glass elements like Oriel windows.

From the manufacturing phase to installation, precision is paramount. Glass panels must be meticulously crafted and installed down to the millimetre.

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