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Integrated Blinds

Elevate Your Space with Integrated Blinds

Experience the perfect blend of modernity and functionality with integrated blinds, designed to enhance your privacy, regulate room temperature, shield furniture from fading, and add a stylish finishing touch to your living spaces. Ideal for bi-folding doors, windows, and conservatories, integrated blinds offer numerous advantages over traditional hanging blinds—they're virtually maintenance-free, sparing you the hassle of frequent cleaning.

For optimal protection against sun-induced heat and glare, consider our Uni-Blinds® integral blind system. These blinds are expertly installed between two glass sheets within double or triple glazing, ensuring they remain unharmed and pristine, preserving that "brand new" appearance indefinitely.

Choose from a variety of operational systems to suit your preferences. Uni-Blinds® can be manually or electronically operated, utilizing a rotational magnetic transmission through the glass. A continuous cord loop controls the external magnetic device, guaranteeing an airtight seal. With just a simple press of a button, the electrically operated system functions similarly.

With a wide array of designs and colors available, finding the perfect Uni-Blind® to complement your room's style is a breeze. Achieve the ideal match for your decor effortlessly and elevate your living spaces with integrated blinds that seamlessly combine form and function.




  • Completely maintenance-free
  • Beautiful modern styling
  • Perfect for both domestic and public buildings
  • Ideal for bi-fold doors, windows and conservatories
  • Hygienic – no bacteria or dirt build up
  • Helps to regulate energy expenditure
  • Complete with warm-edge spacer bars as standard



Our C System offers full manual control of your integrated blinds, allowing you to easily control the levels of light and shade in your room. 

Manufactured to a high technical specification at the highest quality standard, the operation of the C-System is facilitated by a rotational magnetic transmission through the glass which guarantees the unit’s hermetic seal.

Operation of venetian blinds can be by either a rotational cord winder or by a wand, which is twisted to adjust the blind.

  • Ideal solution for shading conservatories
  • Total light control and privacy for sliding and bi-fold doors
  • Ideal for partitioned office space
  • Only viable option for bi-folding doors


A manual system with 14mm pleated blinds integrated within a double glazed unit with a 20mm cavity. Movement is controlled by a sliding magnetic device on the outer face of the integral glass pane.

The use of Verosol pleated blinds coated with an aluminium layer on one side help to improve the overall U-value and reduce solar gain, whilst controlling the light passing through the blinds. Special L shaped guides help to eliminate light transfer down the edge of the blind.

An extremely versitile and simple system, the blinds is extremely versitile with simple control and the ability to adjust the blind to any position. The blind can be moved left to right, right to left, top to bottom and bottom to top giving the user ultimate control.

The system is highly flexible, it is even possible to install two blinds within 1 unit.


A Venetian blind system which is manually operated via a patented magnetic device. The S-V system is suitable for double glazing units with a 20mm cavity.

The magnetic slider can be placed on either the right or left hand side of the glazing unit, enabling the slats to be raised and tilted. The blind is operated by moving the slider up and down, tilting is controled by slightly lifting or lowering the magnetic slider.

This system has a low profile making it suitable for all window types including sliding units.

The S-V system is fitted with a warm edge spacer bar as standard to improve the energy performance of the glazed units, helping to reduce heating and air conditioning costs.


  • Child safety standards compliant.
  • Only one device is used to raise and tilt the slats.
  • Warm edge spacer bars enhance the energy performance of the of the insulating glass unit
  • Closed-loop belt transmission for smooth and long-lasting function.
  • The magnetic slider is treated with Sanitized®* patented antibacterial finish, providing a long-lasting protective finish


A brand new innovative product devloped in Italy, the W-system features a swipe control to operate the raising, lowering, opening and closing of the blinds with a simple swipe. The swipe system is similar to operation to the touchscreen device we are familiar with such as a smartphone or tablet. The unit is powered by a small soler panel on the external face of the window frame or through the use of long-life batteries. This system does not require and hard wiring keeping installation times down to a minimum.

The W-system can be either Venetian or pleated blind suitable for double glazing units with either a 20, 22 or 27mm cavity.

This system is suitable for the majority of application including both residential and commercial installations.

Benefits include:

  • Energy saving
  • Touch control
  • Simple installation procedure
  • Quick Installation
  • No hard-wired power supply required
  • Suitable for 20, 22 and 27mm cavity
  • Warm edge spacer bar supplied as standard for 20/22mm cavity units
  • Remote control option
  • Batteries can be easily replaced or charged by USB connector.



A high tech solution manufactured with extremely high quality materials giving a system that looks great and operates with ease. An electric brushless motor operates the blinds for the full range of motions including raise, lower and tilt with safe, smooth and precise movement. This system is perfect for luxury residental market fitted double glazing units with a cavity of 20, 22 of 27mm.

This system can be Venetian or a pleated blind, the motor is integrated within the head-rail of the blind and a control unit and encoder to enable simultneous control of multiple blinds.

All units and pre-wired and tested to ensure a quick and easy installation on site thanks to the unique control box installed within the blind. This prevents potential issues with installing the units and provides a simple control solution.

Uni blinds can be connected up to the main or battery operated for a no fuss installation and can be operated either by a switch or remote control.



The B-System is a manual magnetic blind system brand new to the market manufactured by Uni-Blinds® The blinds are operated from an external magnetic device which is situated on the glass on the lower side of the unit. Motion is controlled via an internal gear system which is completely sealed within a spacer bar which is housed in the cavity of the glazing unit. The B-System is a venetian blind system and can support either a 20mm or 22mm cavity with tilt only functionality. The B-System is ideal for installations with a windowsill such as hospital wards and school as the blinds are operated at the bottom of the unit making them perfect for low level or seated operation.


The P-System is a Venetian blind with a 12.5mm slat, designed to be incorporated within a double glazed glass unit with a 20 or 22mm cavity.

A tilt only system with manual operation via an anti ligature external knob. The use of a narrow cavity (20mm) means that this system can be retro fitted into the mojority of existing windows frames. This unique system is controlled by an external knob which is fixed to the window frame leaving the glass unit complete free from any control unit.

This set of unique design features make this system perfect for public enviroments such as goverment offices or hospitals where the blind needs to be operated by a range of users. The slats can be upgraded to 16mm's perfect for integrating into a 24mm cavity glazing unit.