Crittall Windows

Over 160 years ago, Crittall Windows became the British pioneers of light steel frame windows and today they continue to provide homeowners with an unrivalled traditional quality window that became synonymous with the Crittall name.

Both versatile and elegant, Crittall windows’ special design ensures that minimal sight-lines are achieved, thanks to the built in strength of hot rolled steel producing beautiful slender frames, maximising the daylight and views outside.

Crittall Windows

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Genuine Crittall Windows

We are an approved installer of Crittall products supplying and install genuine Crittall Steel windows, doors and screens. All of our installation staff have experience and training in the fitting of Crittall products and are experienced sales team have a great understanding of this product and can help you to achieve your desired installation.

Steel, known for its strength and aesthetic appeal, is still as technically appropriate today as it was 160 years ago.  Not only can you rely on its strength, steel windows also deliver exceptional performance and durability, making them one of the most secure and cost effective option for today’s discerning homeowner.

All Crittall windows aim to provide comfort year round.  With high performance double glazing that is designed to keep heat inside your home during the winter and keep the excess heat of summer outside.  All openings also feature built in weatherstripping to prevent costly heat loss and chilly draughts.  Additionally, a huge benefit of Crittall steel windows is the minimal maintenance, thanks to its hot dip galvanising finish combined with Duralife high performance powder coating to ensure complete protection against corrosion and rust.  Crittall outperforms all other window materials with an unsurpassed life cycle that often can surpass 60 years, a real lifetime investment.  For the environmentally conscious, steel is 100% recyclable for complete peace of mind.

Crittall has the perfect window solution whatever the style of your home:

Most of the houses build during the 1930’s were built with steel windows, so if you are seeking to maintain its period character, Crittall windows can help you achieve this along with all the contemporary benefits of today.

Art Deco 
One of the most distinctive design styles, buildings from this period can be fitted with a virtually like for like replacement, including the iconic curved double glazed windows synonymous with the style.

Steel is the most suitable choice for this historical style of buildings which are typically constructed with stone or brick window openings. Crittall  can customise arched and square windows to suit the size and shape required.

New Build
In line with the modern aesthetic of today, Crittall also has a window design to suit any style of new build, bringing with it the benefits of this unsurpassed technology for a solid lifetime investment.


Crittall Projects

Crittall Screen Manchester

Situated in the suburbs of Manchester city center our client lives in a stunning period home that has been refurbished to the higest standard featuring a beautiful hand crafted kitchen. Having seen a set of Crittall doors on a recent television programme it was clear that they would be the perfect fit to seperate the kitchen area from the garden room without compromising on light.

Crittall Screens Stoke On Trent

Located near Stoke On Trent this brand new development features all of the state of the art technology you would expect in such a high end build. Throughout the home we have supplied and installed a complete glazing solution including windows, doors, internal screen and pitched glass roof taking advantage of the stunning view at the rear of the house.

Alderley Edge Project

As Part of a larger glazing installation we supplied and fitted a range of internal Crittall screens and doors as part of a series of updates to a stunning property in Alderley Edge. The two large Crittall screens add a distinctive industrial edge to the contemporary style of this homes interior design.